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This is a small batch script I put together to help me with the creation of Pocket PC installation files. It creates a framework to put all the elements together that are required to create a Pocket PC CAB file.

Run the self extracting archive to extract the required files to you computer. The archive contains the necessary files and some documentation on how to create an .inf file to configure a Pocket PC CAB file.

You start the process by running the script CreateApplication.bat. You will be asked a few questions and after giving the answers the skeleton of the required files will be generated for you. You will then have to copy across the required application files and edit the .inf file accordingly. You can find out how to do this by reading 'Cabwiz Information Page.htm'.

Once you have done this run the batch file CreateCAB.bat to generate your CAB file that can be installed on your Pocket PC. If there are any errors or warnings an 'error.txt' file will be generated. Read this file for more information on which errors to resolve. You can ignore the warnings.

Once your CAB file has been generated, you run the batch file InstallApplication.bat to copy and install your application on your attached Pocket PC, or you can copy it to your device and install it from there.

If you don't use the default application directory you will have to change the CreateApplication.bat file to reflect the new location.

Download Files
Self extracting executable: MvRCreateApp-v1.0.exe(225KB)
Zip file containing installation files: MvRCreateApp-v1.0.zip(157KB)

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