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As a stock investor you probably want the peace of mind to know what your portfolio is doing at any point in time. Mobile Stock Tracker gives you the ability to monitor your stock positions using only your mobile device and an internet connection.

You can quickly see if your portfolio has gone up or down by the green or red coloring of the values. Or for more detail you can read the actual percentage or dollar value you stocks have moved on either a dayly or overall basis.

You can also keep yourself disciplined by filling in the stop-loss amount for each stock and you can quickly see when this limit is close to being reached and you can then exit your position with a quick call to your broker.

This website will allow you to keep track of your stock portfolio on your mobile phone or PDA. All that is required is a browser and a connection to the Internet.

Your stock list is stored in a database and secured with a login and password. This means that you can login in from any internet connected mobile device or from computer and see how your stocks are doing.

The stock quotes are retrieved from Yahoo Finance and are delayed by 20 minutes. So this is ideal for the stock investor who does not trade on a dayly basis, but who wants to know what their stocks are doing whenever they want.

This website was designed for a mobile device, is quick to load and does not take up a lot of your download limit.

There are two main sections of the page:
1) The quick overview of how your stocks are doing (View Sample)

  • Symbol
  • Stop Loss
  • Last Trade
  • Todays Change
  • Gain/Loss Today
  • Gain/Loss Total
  • Last Date and Time quote was retrieved

2) A more detailed breakdown of your stocks (View Sample)

  • Quick Overview and
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Last Trade
  • Last Trade At
  • Opened At
  • Day High
  • Day Low
  • Volume
  • Quantity
  • Cost
  • Buy Date
  • Todays Change $
  • Todays Change %
  • Gain/Loss $
  • Gain/Loss %
  • A 5 day chart of your stock

How can I get this service?

For a limited time you can trial this service for free by Registering Now. An account will be setup for you immediately and you will be monitoring your portfolio in under 5 minutes.

For those who would like to make modifications you can get the PHP source code here.

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Mobile Stock Tracker
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