Proof Reading

Have you just finished writing your book? Reread it multiple times and run it through the spell checker?

You may think that is sufficient, but sometimes another set of eyes will pick up some grammatical errors that you have missed because you are too close, or the program just does not know of either.

Send us your manuscript in a PDF version and we will read through it word for word and highlight any errors or other pieces of text that look out of place.

Once your manuscript has been proof read you will receive it back in a PDF format that will highlight any areas that are believed to be incorrect or confusing.

You can then open up the PDF manuscript in Adobe Acrobat and click on View > Comment > Annotations. This will then show you a list of highlighted text which you can click on one at a time, and rethink if this needs correcting or rewriting.

You can then publish your manuscript with the knowledge that the best efforts have been made to make sure it is correct and understandable.

What you need to do

  • Open up the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat (If you don’t already have a copy of Acrobat then your can download a free copy here.)
  • Click on View > Comment > Annotations
  • Click each of the highlighted sections on the right side of the Adobe Acrobat window
  • Update your master copy of the manuscript with any amendments

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